About Us

Scott Sullivan is a real life martial arts expert with a lifetime of experience in training and teaching.

Having been an internationally recognized kickboxing competitor and Muay Thai kickboxing coach with over 26 years of real-world “in the trenches” experience, you will find it very hard to match his level of knowledge in this field.

Scott has literally taught thousands of students from all over the world, and has become a real expert in helping students reach their goals.

Most importantly, you don’t have to be a kickboxing competitor to benefit from Scott’s kickboxing program. In fact, the MAJORITY of students here train for fitness, self-defense, and personal confidence reasons. Scott’s kickboxing program is truly for everyone, regardless of your training goals.

Scott’s kickboxing program prides itself on being open to everyone – especially beginners. You will not find a more welcoming and friendly environment open to all levels than you will at Scott’s kickboxing gym in Houston.

Give us a call at (713) 307-5375 to setup a free trial class. You will really love it!